How To Check Your Tyre Pressure

How to check your tyres’ air pressure…and why it matters

How long has it been since you checked your car tyres’ air pressure? Here’s why that matters and a refresher on how to check if your tyres are at optimum pressure.  Our friends at Ipswich Plumbing have many service vehicles, so their running costs quickly mount up if they don’t maintain vehicles.

Did you know that as much as 40% of all car-at-fault motor accidents are attributed to incorrect tyre pressure? Under-inflated tyres are a common culprit of blowouts which can be deadly.

Your tyres may feel fine on a day-to-day basis but changes in the load you are carrying (such as heavy luggage or extra people) could mean that your tyres require further inflation. Adding a quick tyre check into your road-trip checklist could be a lifesaving decision. However, you should ideally check your tyre pressure every month.

Under-inflated tyres are not only dangerous but they’ll cost you more to run too. How? Turning corners on tyres below optimum pressure requires more force…which means more fuel and higher CO2 emissions.

You know how to inspect your tread but the last time you checked your tyre pressure was when your dad showed you how in high school. Uh-oh. Here’s a quick refresher course on how to make sure you’re at optimum tyre pressure and keep Pops proud.

Before you start
You can check your tyres at any service station. They all have pumps you can use to both check and inflate your tyres. Always check your tyres when they are cold. This means you’ll want to do this at the start of your trip, not at the end.

Check the sticker in your driver’s door panel or your car’s handbook to determine the right pressure for your vehicle. The sticker will list two values—one for a normal load and one for when the boot is loaded full. Ensure you adjust your pressure according to your planned activities.

Let’s check!
1. Reset the service station pump to your car’s recommended pressure.
2. Remove the caps from your tyre valves and put the tyre pressure hose over top.
3. The pump will fill your tyres to the desired pressure and beep when it is finished.
4. Replace your dust cap and check all tyres (don’t forget the spare!). While you are filling up your tyres, it’s a good idea to inspect the tread for general wear and tear.


Car Care Tips To Protect The Body Paint From Wearing Off

car care tipsYou want your car to look new all the time. That’s why you take care of it to make it look good from the inside and outside. To maintain the good condition of the car, its external and the internal parts need to be taken care of in a proper way manner.

The exterior part of the car can wear off quickly if not properly take care of. The paint on the outside needs to be kept clean and clean from dirt and dust to keep that shine and smooth look. Maintaining the paint of the car smooth for a long period of time can do good in the resale value of the car. Here are some do’s and do not’s to keep your car looking good at all times.


Regular car wash

Though we know that cars need a wash from time to time, it is important to wash the car regularly. Not only it protects the the body paint from unwanted elements but it also cleans the accumulated dust and sand under the wiper blades as these can cause scratches on the windshield.

• Wax the car

Waxing the car takes care of minor scratches and scruff on the body paint. It also give your car that shiny new look. Spending a little extra on some high quality waxing products is worth your money as this helps in saving money later on in the year.


• Don’t drill holes

Drilling holes in the interior section of the car will like cause rusting over time. This can be prevented by rustproofing your car.

• Do not hesitate to spend more

The car must be taken care of at all times to keep it in good condition and it includes spending a little extra money on maintenance and repairs. Maintaining your car could save you some money as it helps in avoiding unnecessary expenditure later on.

Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Exterior And Interior In Immaculate Condition

car care tips ipswichAs a car owner, you want your car to be in immaculate condition all the time. It is not just about making it look good every time you drive around the city but also to maintain its value.

Aside from the regular mechanical servicing and maintenance, your car needs tidying to keep it looking great. Here are some car care tips you can try to maintain a clean look in and out of your car.

Exterior Cleaning

Wash your car using a sponge and soapy water and rinse to remove excess dirt. Then dry it with a soft cloth. It is better to dry your car right after washing to prevent water droplets to dry out and leave many spots all over the car body, which is noticeable with dark coloured cars.

Do a monthly bug and tar removal on the body of your car. You can find effective bug and tar removal products in most car accessory stores. Choose a product that not only removes bugs, tar and other spots and also have the polishing effect on the car’s surface.

Protect the paint from sun damage by polishing and waxing your car on a regular basis. For cars that are usually parked in a garage, waxing it twice a year should be enough to protect the paint finish. However, for frequently used cars, waxing it every three to four months should help preserve the paint finish.

Keep the wheels and tire clean and shiny. You can find wheel cleaning products at car care stores. Dirt can make your alloy wheels look dull so clean them each time you wash your car. Use a spray-on-tire shine for a quick and easy tire polishing.

For other external areas, use products to protect the rubber, vinyl and plastic surface from the damaging UV rays. You may also use the product to clean bumpers, windows, rubber seals around doors and windows and the interior.

Interior Cleaning

Part of maintaining a car is protecting the interior from getting worn out. Regularly vacuum the seat and carpet to get rid of dirt and grit which may settle deep into the carpet and protect it from wearing out fast. Having a set of floor mats can help filter most of the dirt from getting into the carpet flooring.

Remember to use the right cleaners when cleaning the dashboard and other interior surfaces as the wrong products may damage them. After cleaning those surfaces, reinforce it protecting sprays to keep it looking good and last longer.

Keep the car glass clean with a soft cloth and cleaning product. Common glass cleaners can do the job. Make sure to use the right cleaning products

Always park your car in the garage. This is not just to keep it from getting dirty but also to keep it out of the damaging effects of the weather. If you do not have a garage, consider using a car cover for protection.

Basic Car Care Tips Teen Drivers Should Remember

mobile car mechanic service tivoliOwning a car comes with responsibility. If you are a teen who owns a car, it is important that you know how to care for your car to keep it in good condition all the time. Car problems usually happen due to lack of attention on the owner’s part.  Here are some basic car care tips you should not forget.

Regular car wash. Washing your car is very important. Regular car wash is not just about keeping your car clean. It also provides protection to your car. It prevents contaminants from adhering to your car and damaging the paint and finish. Wash your car at least once a week.

Oil change. Clean oil is important to your car engine. Without a sufficient amount of good oil running through the system, the engine will not work efficiently and may lead to serious engine problems. Ignoring oil change when it is due could have damaging effects on the overall health of your vehicle. Change oil at least once every three months.

Check the radiator fluid level. It is important to maintain sufficient radiator fluid level because it prevents the engine from overheating. Check your radiator fluid once a month. You can do it yourself or ask a mobile mechanic to do it for you.

Check tire pressure. There are many reasons to always check your tire pressure. Having proper tire pressure is good for your car’s drivetrain. It also helps you get better gas mileage, better traction in winter and prevents blowouts in hot temperatures. You can easily find a tire pressure gauge from auto parts stores. You can find instructional online videos on how to do it, or ask a car mechanic for a quick lesson.

Follow these basic car care tips and you will feel safe behind the wheel knowing your car can go a long way.

Mobile Car Mechanics – Common Car Problems You Need A Mechanic To Fix

mobile car repairs woodendMobile mechanics can fix any type of problems your car might encounter, you just call them and they can come to you right away. Here is a list of the most common vehicle problems they are called for.

Alternator. If the case that your car won’t start, it is because your alternator may need replacing. Mobile mechanics know how to effectively replace this right away. They will also test the battery to see if it will hold the charge and you won’t have a problem starting your car.

Brake pads. Your brakes are one of the most important elements in your vehicle and if it has worn out or started grinding, squealing or vibrating this could mean that they are already problematic and should be replaced. Mobile mechanics are mostly called to solve such problems and they help bleed the brakes and make sure that the brake fluid is at the right position.

Carburettor. Your car may run lean if there is not enough fuel in the mix which can be unsafe for your engine. However, if you have too much, it can run reach and may flood, smoke or stall the engine. A mechanic that can come to your home will know how to fix this by testing it and replacing broken parts to make the carburettor work fine again.

Radiator. Overheating? Check your radiator. It may have a leak. Your mechanic will help you check if there are a leaking coolant and the reasons why it is overheating. They may fix parts needed fixing or just replace the radiator.

With the help of a trusted mobile mechanic, your car will have the care it deserves without you going to them as they can now easily reach you wherever you are.

Car Care And Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Safe During Cold Weather

mobile car repairs tivoliYou want your car in good condition all the time. However, the winter months can be tough on cars and be challenging for drivers. You don’t want to get stranded on the snow storm alone looking for phone signal and wondering what to do next. Before you get into that fix, get your car ready for the cold season with these winter car care and maintenance tips.

Check the lights. Make a quick check of your car lights. It does not take a lot of time and you can do it while your car is warming up. Start the car and turn on the headlights, fog lights and tail lights to see if all of the lights are working.

Check the battery. You need the battery to get your car running so it is very important to keep them warm in times when the temperature gets well below zero for a long period of time. Look for a way to keep your battery warm like using a battery warmer or parking your car in the garage. When you notice the battery level is fading or have any concerns regarding the performance of the batter, have it checked or replaced.

Check the coolant. You do not want the elements in the radiator to freeze. Coolant with anti-freeze prevents the water in your radiator from freezing. It is a good idea to have it checked out during your maintenance service schedule before winter comes.

Check gas and washer fluid. There are good reasons to keep a full tank of gas, especially during the winter. Having a full supply of gas in the tank can be really helpful if you get stranded somehow as you will surely want a running car with heat in that situation. Also, you will want your washer fluid full as they can be useful in wet and snowy weather.

Check tires and tire pressure. The condition of your tires is essential to the overall tire performance of your vehicle. Temperature affects tires. Under or overinflated tires can be really dangerous. Simply check them out or have them checked out to maintain proper tire inflation.

Keep a survival kit in your car. This can really come handy in case of emergency. It may be a small thing but it could save your life.

These simple wintertime car tips will keep you safe. More importantly, never forget to buckle up, drive with care and stay alert at all times when driving.