Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Exterior And Interior In Immaculate Condition

car care tips ipswichAs a car owner, you want your car to be in immaculate condition all the time. It is not just about making it look good every time you drive around the city but also to maintain its value.

Aside from the regular mechanical servicing and maintenance, your car needs tidying to keep it looking great. Here are some car care tips you can try to maintain a clean look in and out of your car.

Exterior Cleaning

Wash your car using a sponge and soapy water and rinse to remove excess dirt. Then dry it with a soft cloth. It is better to dry your car right after washing to prevent water droplets to dry out and leave many spots all over the car body, which is noticeable with dark coloured cars.

Do a monthly bug and tar removal on the body of your car. You can find effective bug and tar removal products in most car accessory stores. Choose a product that not only removes bugs, tar and other spots and also have the polishing effect on the car’s surface.

Protect the paint from sun damage by polishing and waxing your car on a regular basis. For cars that are usually parked in a garage, waxing it twice a year should be enough to protect the paint finish. However, for frequently used cars, waxing it every three to four months should help preserve the paint finish.

Keep the wheels and tire clean and shiny. You can find wheel cleaning products at car care stores. Dirt can make your alloy wheels look dull so clean them each time you wash your car. Use a spray-on-tire shine for a quick and easy tire polishing.

For other external areas, use products to protect the rubber, vinyl and plastic surface from the damaging UV rays. You may also use the product to clean bumpers, windows, rubber seals around doors and windows and the interior.

Interior Cleaning

Part of maintaining a car is protecting the interior from getting worn out. Regularly vacuum the seat and carpet to get rid of dirt and grit which may settle deep into the carpet and protect it from wearing out fast. Having a set of floor mats can help filter most of the dirt from getting into the carpet flooring.

Remember to use the right cleaners when cleaning the dashboard and other interior surfaces as the wrong products may damage them. After cleaning those surfaces, reinforce it protecting sprays to keep it looking good and last longer.

Keep the car glass clean with a soft cloth and cleaning product. Common glass cleaners can do the job. Make sure to use the right cleaning products

Always park your car in the garage. This is not just to keep it from getting dirty but also to keep it out of the damaging effects of the weather. If you do not have a garage, consider using a car cover for protection.